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Irish Stew available on daily basis.


Enjoy a pint and taste the atmosphere!

Halloween/ The New Country Rehab

The pub is a 'public house'. Arranged performances by known and unknown musicians and bands.

Opening Hours:
We are open 7 days a week, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday from 16.00 thursday, friday and saturday from 15.00 untill 02.00.
Seats: bar - 35 lounge - 33
Terrace (outside) -
Total amout of seats: about 100

O'Ceallaigh Traditional Music Bar is an authentic Irish Pub in the centre of Groningen.
O'Ceallaigh was nominated in 2000 for being the most popular bar in Groningen.
The name, "O'Ceallaigh" is the original Irish Gealic name for Kelly.

With a small bar that serves all kinds of Irish beer and cider you get a personal approach with authentic Irish music.
Which brands does O'Ceallaigh serve?

Foto's St Patricksday 2013

Foto's 20 Year Jubilee

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O'Ceallaigh Irishpub



23-07: The Freelancers
22.00 hrs

From tuesday febr. 4th we'll host the O'Ceallaigh pub-quiz every two weeks starting from 20.00 hrs. in the lounge (upstairs)
every other tuesday the
ukulele group practises in the lounge, ofcourse ukulele enthousiasts are very welcome to join in .

Open Stage start weer 31 augustus.
Vanaf zondag 6 juli begint de Irish session dus weer als vanouds ; vanaf 17.00 uur Every sunday between 17.00 hrs. and 20.00 hrs. O'Ceallaigh open stage
Dynamic small stage for singer songwriters, bands and music lovers
Presented by Joost Dijkema
You can sign-up or

From 20.00 hrs.
Trad. Irish session

Every monday comedy with
'Stanger things have happened' 20.30 hrs.

Every second tuesday of the month: g.u.s. (ukulele) rehearsel


Foto's Halloween/ The New Country Rehab

Foto's Sunday night 9 sept 2013: open stage/ all Ireland/ birthday party

Foto's St Patricksday 2013

Foto's 20 year jubilee

Foto's Halloween 2012

Foto's O'Ceallaigh sessie Noorderzon 2012

Foto's Koninginnedag 2012

Foto's optreden Beth Wimmer

Foto's New years eve 2011-2012

Foto's Labrador Labratories

Foto's Popronde 13 oktober 2011:Anatopia

Vidio: The Dolmen

Foto's Mcheal O'Grady 03-05

Foto's No Gate Too Closed 27 05





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